Founder Diana was always passionate about her love for heels, with any given moment or chance she’d always find a way to wear a pair.
Growing up she saw the lack of colour in the footwear space and especially within the luxury department.
Spending years realizing this issue, she began cultivating Bydose in 2019. From the beginning the aim was not only to provide premium footwear pieces through each design but to create a powerhouse represented by a Black Female Founder.
 Our mission is to design + craft the best quality shoes for women made by a woman.
Through different experiences, Diana creates shoes with comfort at the forefront.
My designs are focused on women not having to compromise. We shouldn’t have to decide between what should come first, comfortability or style I want my designs to exude confidence from the first step you take in them up until the end of the night. I assure to always continue to design with my customers in mind, taking on all the experiences women have with heels and making better products”.  
Our goal is to shift the painful narrative of enduring long hard hours wearing heels, but to make them into enjoyable moments. Sourcing our finest leathers from Italian factories our, to working closely with our manufactures on the technology of heels, we aim to create long lasting versatile staples that emanate class and boldness.